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The outer spherical ball bearing is actually a modification of the deep groove ball bearing. Its characteristic is that the outer diameter surface of its outer ring is spherical, which can be fitted into the corresponding concave spherical surface of the bearing seat to play the role of self-alignment. Outer spherical bearings are mainly used to bear the combined radial and axial loads, which are mainly radial loads. Generally, they are not suitable to bear the axial load alone.
Although its basic performance should be similar to that of deep groove ball bearings, since this kind of bearings are mostly used in relatively rough machinery, the installation and positioning are not accurate enough, the axis of the shaft and the seat hole is poorly aligned, or the shaft length and deflection In the case of large and small bearings, the precision of the bearing itself is not high enough, and some structures are relatively rough, so the actual performance of the bearings will be considerably discounted compared with deep groove ball bearings of the same specification. For example: the outer spherical ball bearing with top wire is applied to the through shaft with poor stiffness and large deflection. This kind of bearing has sealing rings on both sides, which can strictly prevent the intrusion of dirt, and it has been loaded at the factory.
Appropriate amount of lubricant, no need to clean or add lubricant before installation, when the jackscrew on the protruding end of the inner ring of the bearing is tightened on the shaft. The allowable axial load shall not exceed 20% of the rated dynamic load.
The performance of the outer spherical ball bearing with an eccentric sleeve is basically the same as that of the outer spherical bearing with a jackscrew, except that the jackscrew is not on the inner ring, but on the eccentric sleeve. The inner hole of the tapered outer spherical ball bearing is a tapered hole with a taper of 1:12, which can be directly installed on the tapered shaft, or installed on the optical shaft without shoulder by means of an adapter bush, and the bearing clearance can be fine-tuned.
Insert spherical bearings are preferred for applications that require simple equipment and components, such as agricultural machinery, transportation systems or construction machinery.
It is mainly used to bear the combined radial and axial loads mainly radial loads. Generally, it is not suitable to bear axial loads alone. This kind of bearings can be installed with inner rings (with a full set of rollers and cages) and outer rings respectively. This kind of bearing does not allow the shaft to tilt relative to the housing, and will generate additional axial force under any radial load. The size of the axial clearance of this kind of bearing has a great relationship with whether the bearing can work normally. When the axial clearance is too small, the temperature rise will be high; when the axial clearance is large, the bearing will be easily damaged. Therefore, special attention should be paid to adjusting the axial clearance of the bearing during installation and operation. If necessary, pre-interference installation can be performed to increase the rigidity of the bearing.

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