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INA linear guides are widely used in various lathes, grinders, machine tools, spraying equipment, CNC machine tools, machining centers, measuring instruments, confidential testers, electronics, automation machinery, textile machinery, automobiles, food machinery, medical equipment, printing machinery , packaging machinery, woodworking machinery and many other fields. The industries involved in INA bearing products include: machinery industry, construction industry, hydraulic and wind engineering industry, machine tool and manufacturing machinery industry, material handling and packaging industry, electric tool industry, gearbox industry, semiconductor industry, pump and fan industry, industrial robot And automation industry, rubber, plastic and chemical industry, textile industry, tractor industry, etc.

The slide is completely closed from all directions by baffles, gap seals, upper seals and lower double side sealsᕃ. These seals keep the rolling elements free from contamination even in harsh environments.
The double lip seals on both ends of the standard slider ensure that no oil or grease will be lost from the system.

The preload classes available for the linear recirculating roller bearing guide system RUE..-E are
When there is only a very small deviation in preload, the system will achieve optimal stiffness. When the linear recirculating roller bearing guide system leaves the factory, it has been assembled as a complete set, and the various components are grouped and matched.
Effect of preload on linear guidance system The higher the preload, the better the rigidity.
However, preload affects friction and the life of the system.

The coefficient of friction depends on the ratio of C/P. For no seal, load ratio C/P=4 to C/P=20:
RUE=0.002 to 0.004.
Accuracy grades of linear recirculating roller bearing guide systems The range of accuracy grades of linear recirculating roller bearing guide systems is from G0 to G3

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